Accelerated Cyber Analysis

Accelerated Cyber Analysis meets the demand from private, government and Defence organisations for training that strengthens students analytical capabilities.

The course covers requirements for covert infrastructure, establishing network sensors, cognitive bias, cause & effect and 12 other formal analytical methods. Our accelerated approach heavily emphasises practical activities to lock in learning.

Accelerated Cyber Analysis does not require any prior technical knowledge and is accessible to all skill levels. The course develops an understanding of cyber risk in students, arming them with the knowledge and ability to identify, prioritise and mitigate cyber risks within their workplace.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - FOUNDATIONS

Cybermerc's Foundations course covers a range of online threat actors, exploring how they initiate and conduct their cyber attacks.

Analysts learn how to establish and maintain low and zero signature collection, network concealment, honeynets, common tradecraft errors, intelligence reporting and presentation to senior management.

Foundations is suitable for graduates of Accelerated Cyber Analysis, and any cyber professionals looking to build their intelligence and analysis capability.

Cyber Threat Intelligence - ADVANCED

Cybermerc's capstone Advanced course pushes trainees to the next level. Trainees rapidly progress through cyber intelligence planning with a focus on direct support to operations.

The course covers identification of APT behaviour, beaconing, TOR, secure communications, defence in depth techniques, persona management and technical vs management report planning.

Advanced is recommended for Foundations graduates, and cyber professionals interested in expanding their threat hunting and intelligence capabilities in a practical setting.

Executive Cyber Risk

This course includes a hacking demonstration as an exemplar for senior management, enabling them to define cyber risk appetite statements and drive cyber risk mitigation.

Executive Risk Identification

This course enables executives to understand the value of the information in their custodianship and how to evaluate information sources and prioritise the collection of intelligence.

Executive Cyber Threat Management

Our apex Executive course teaches senior management how to direct Cyber Threat Intelligence collection to validate and adjust their cyber risk appetite statements and how to apply cyber threat intelligence for decision support.