AUSHIELD PROTECT is an affordable, defence-grade cyber security protection service for Australian Small to Medium Enterprises. 

Developed in Australia with federal funding, AUSHIELD PROTECT is completely automated, providing a fully managed service that encompasses:


  • Next Gen (Application Aware) Firewall

  • Network based Intrusion Detection

  • Network Based Intrusion Prevention


AUSHIELD PROTECT clients don't need to be cyber security experts.  When they become part of the AUSHIELD PROTECT mesh network, attacks are blocked automatically.  When a new attack is detected, it is analysed in AUSHIELD DEFEND and then updates all the other AUSHIELD PROTECT clients against that attack. 


AUSHIELD PROTECT is easily installed in any existing office network alongside the Internet router. Complimenting the hardware device is a host-based software option that is appropriate for remote and temporary workers. 


Threat Notifications

In our cyber security research and development, we can come across organisations and individuals that have been compromised.

Because we believe that the best way to uplift cyber security of all Australian businesses is to empower them, we may get in touch with organisations and individuals that we identify.

These notifications are completely free - we're here to let you know, and to help if you have any questions.